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03. Smoke Sesh

Today, I am so well versed in hookah, that I can spout off its historical origins and progression into modern society as fast as that guy could talk in those Micro Machines commercials from when I was a kid.

For those of you sitting at the children’s table, that means faster than a college kid reaching for the last white claw.

Of course, this doesn’t win me any points when attempting to swoon the very attractive, emotionally unavailable women at a swanky social gathering.

(Then again, if a loud eye roll while walking away has become the new matrix of success in the courting culture of the 2020’s, then I got game in spades!)

The journey began way back in 2008 at a cigar bar in South Florida while I was out with some colleagues from my previous career.  We sat at the bar having a drink, and someone ordered a generic flavored hookah for us to smoke. This soon became an enjoyable, bi-weekly occurrence.


One night, while hanging out at Angels, I brought in my friend’s hookah, loaded it up with some shisha, sparked the coals, and anticipated a relaxed and enjoyable smoke session.


(Or as the pinky raising individuals in society call it, a “smoke sesh”.)


Before I even took my first hit, people were coming up to me. The girls, the guests…they all wanted to try my creation and couldn’t stop talking about it. I went through over half of my supplies before I was able to sit down and actually smoke!


Don’t get me wrong. I’m the type of guy whose curiosity has led him to do a plethora of social experiments just to observe the results, but on this particular night, I just wanted to smoke my hookah and unwind.



Now look, I am certainly not the smartest guy in the room, however, I did recognize the unique potential here and the value it could bring to the club. But since my partners were so busy trying to run our business the way everyone else was running theirs, and since no other clubs were serving hookah, it was difficult for them to see the value in it.


This was a new concept, but I knew it was perfect for the environment I wanted to create. And because it would be so unconventional for a gentlemen’s club, I knew I had to hit the bullseye from the get-go.


I bought my first hookah and some shisha from a local head shop and set about to immerse myself in what I believe to be an art, not unlike cooking.

Some time passed and eventually the partners were bought out, paving the way for a new era of new ideas.


The first hookah I made was an attempt to recreate that night that had everybody buzzing, and it resulted in me selling my first smoke session to a guest for $10.


Clearly, it was time to put that long-standing plan into action, so I acquired my tobacco license, ordered a bunch of supplies (including some professional grade hookahs and almost every individual flavor they had available), and started experimenting like a tuba player at band camp.


I literally smoked them all!


I took the best of the best, discarded the rest, and blended individual flavors together to create mouthwatering and exotic blends.


To add an additional layer of quality, I put each blend through a few weeks of testing with numerous guests before adding them to the menu. A handful of months later, and we had come up with over 65 different house blends, rotating 25 at a time, every month.



Here’s what I want:


When my guests have a smoke sesh, it needs to be a unique experience.


The smoothness of the cream, the zing of the citrus, the snap of cool, crisp mint.


I want people to find themselves fantasizing about the time they’ve spent, vibing to great music and dazzling lights, being entertained by gorgeous and equally talented erotic performers, and smoking hookah with unrivaled flavor.


It doesn’t really matter that we were one of the first clubs in the industry to formally offer hookah service.


What is important, is that no matter where you go in the world, you will never find experiences quite like the ones you’ll have at Angels Erotic Lounge.

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