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Worship: The Ascension of Adoration

Opening April 9, 2021

The Art of Angels Gallery is Tampa Bay’s one and only erotic art gallery. We feature and sell beautiful works created by artists from the local area and beyond, in a fully licensed adult environment, free of social censorship, with exposure to clientele aligned with this genre of expression. In addition, we donate the proceeds from art sales, as well as, gallery events to local art charities who support the local community.


We are peeling back the layers in the world of erotica, and with each passing exhibit, we go down another layer.


We started this series of exhibits with UNDERNEATH: An Exploration of the Beauty We Keep Hidden.


Our first sojourn into undiscovered territory… a “coaxing out of the shell”, if you will, it was a way of revealing to ourselves that there is more to us than we realized or were led to believe.


The next exhibit in this series was EROTIC VISIONS (Visions de l’érotisme): Expressions of Desire.


Here we peered through the keyhole into a new world to observe and expose ourselves to the expression of others and allowed the wellspring to flow forward, germinating the seed of abundance that surrounds us.


Our current exhibit, BLUSH: The Evolution of Innocence, is where we shed our societal, as well as our self-imposed limitations, and begin to realize that we find acceptance and interest in this new and diverse world… and dare I say, like it.


For this upcoming exhibit, we are going deeper still. It is here that we come to grasp an experience of total transcendence; A world that comes from deep within ourselves. We must find this place of our own accord, and when we do, it vastly expands our borders by allowing us to accept our own vulnerabilities. A place, not created of sin as we once believed, but of love in its most unadulterated & prolific form…


WORSHIP: The Ascension of Adoration

We are hard at work preparing for our fourth exhibit; set to open on April 9th and 10th 2021 and, we are issuing the Call to Artists to be featured in this exhibit.


Featured Entertainment:

  • Burlesque Performances by Nilla Bean
  • Burlesque Performances by Autumn Rose