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Touch with Erotic Blueprints

Date / Time:

Saturday, November 6th 2021
11:30 am – 3:30pm



$40 Singles
$90 Couples



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This workshop is an opportunity for you to learn the language of arousal and pleasure….the Erotic Blueprints™.



Presented by St Pete Retreat

How to create arousal with touch on any body AND How to get the touch that arouses you… with The Erotic Blueprints(tm) and body mapping.

Not sure how to touch in a way that is consensual, safe and arousing ?

Are you sick of being touched in a way that is unconscious and disappointing?

Do you want to be the best lover

Do you want the best lovers…

This is the play shop for you!

Practice the Art of Touch…. Blueprint style!

*Communication skills for touch: find the words to explain what you want with grace and ease

*different types of touch: each blueprint has a touch…learn them and watch your lover melt in your hands

*sensation items: they are not just for the kinky! Get creative with sensation items for all blueprints! ( Brena with Pure Romance will be here with items for you to experiment with and purchase)

*create safety through touch: Understand consent in touch. How to create clear boundaries

*create arousal with touch: how to go from friend touch to lover touch! Build the energy and arousal through touch based on the Blueprints

*discover body mapping

This is an Experiential Play shop for single’s and couples

Join us on Nov 6 ,2021
11:30am to 3:30pm est
at Angels Erotic Lounge in Clearwater

Erotic Blueprint™ Quiz
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Facilitator Bios

Stacie Ysidro
Ig @sexcoach_stacieysidro

Stacie Ysidro, founder of Holistic Progressions,

(holisticprogressions.com) has been coaching individuals and couples throughout the United States over 10 years. Her passion is helping people experience erotic freedom, full self acceptance and expression with grace and ease. She most enjoys seeing the transformations in people’s sex lives extrapolate into all areas of their lives, creating more pleasure, fulfillment, passion and peace.

Her personal story of mastering life transitions, recovery and understanding how to navigate spirituality and sexuality, intimacy and connection, have given her a unique approach to transforming her client’s lives. She is an expert at transforming suffering, internal conflict and confusion into peace, joy and peak existence.

Stacie is acknowledged as a sex coach by the World Association of Sex Coaches. She is also certified by Jaiya (world renowned sexologist) as an Erotic Blueprint(™) Coach helping people to learn the language of arousal and pleasure.


Johnny Vajra
Johnny Vajra is a Spiritual Alchemist, Intimacy Coach, Certified and Happiness Coach and Certified Erotic Blueprint (™) Coach.

Johnny incorporates sacred sexuality, conscious kink, and mindful meditation to promote conscious community via workshops and immersion experiences.
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Johnny is certified as a Usui Reiki Master, Karuna Advanced Reiki Intuitive Energy Worker, and ThetaHealing Practitioner. Johnny is currently an ISTA Ally.

Johnny is founder of Metagene Health, a facilitator of Tantra/Kink workshops, including a men’s leadership mastermind titled, ‘The Luminary Lab’, and the upcoming ‘Sex & Happiness Journey 3’.


Brena Dee
Brena has been an intimacy advisor for the last 8 years. Educating, empowering, and entertaining women and couples thru in home parties is her passion. Creating a safe space to bond, learn, laugh, and shop with your friends is our mission with Pure Romance. At pure romance, we have everything from body products, to lingerie, to adult novelty toys and everything in between!

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