Tues - Sun 7:00 PM To 3:00 AM
14411 US Hwy 19 N.Clearwater, FL 33764

Behind the Scenes

06. Robbie’s Notebook: Episode 2 – John from Bay News 9

It was a Friday night at the club.  Everyone was in a good mood and guests weren't in short supply.  We were completely oblivious to what would become an historic moment.   Rafael and his girlfriend Jennifer had a hectic... Read More

05. A Natural Selection

When it comes to the hiring process, most clubs do auditions. This seems to give some people with overactive imaginations the impression that auditions resemble something along the lines of “The Casting Couch”. For those of you still clutching to... Read More

04. Robbie’s Notebook: Episode 1 – The Story of Love

Love stood about 5'6" in her dancing shoes, had curves in all the right places, an innocent-girl smile, and nothing but the sweetest of intentions. The downside was that she wasn’t always the sharpest knife in the drawer, and in... Read More

03. Smoke Sesh

Today, I am so well versed in hookah, that I can spout off its historical origins and progression into modern society as fast as that guy could talk in those Micro Machines commercials from when I was a kid. For... Read More

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