Tues - Sun 7:00 PM To 3:00 AM
14411 US Hwy 19 N.Clearwater, FL 33764

Botanical Tea Bar

Finely Crafted Brews and Mixers

Since its inception, Angels Erotic Lounge has been an alcohol-free environment. Our licensing related to having fully nude entertainment requires our environment to be respectful to the industry.  We prefer and respect this licensing for a plethora of reasons; however, that does not mean that we don’t have stimulating beverages available for you to enjoy.

During the early spring of 2015, we introduced two amazing products to our menu as a viable alternative to alcohol.  Kratom, a brewed botanical tea, related to the coffee plant, and native to Southeast Asia became a unique option for our clientele. Kava, a root related to the pepper plant, and native to the South Pacific region, has also been a favorite addition to the Angels Erotic Lounge experience.

As a result, we established one of the first Kava and Kratom bars in town; and, we became the first adult establishment in the world to serve these products. Unlike other establishments, here our guests experience an environment steeped in artistic expression, erotic art, and visual performance while enjoying finely crafted brews and mixers that satisfy the palates of first-timers to connoisseurs alike.

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