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Art of Angels Gallery & Exhibits

Tampa’s only Exclusive Erotic Art

One of the biggest philosophical tenants on which we operate is the belief:

Our entertainers perform for our guests.

What they do, we consider to be art. We, at Angels Erotic Lounge, have always encouraged our staff and entertainers to express themselves artistically. This has resulted in years of unmatched experiences for our guests; which, can be explored throughout the many reviews found at Here

The concept of the Art of Angels, Erotic Fine Art Gallery was brought to life during the COVID-19 lockdown of spring 2020. We considered the many ways expression can be shared beyond face-to-face contact. We were determined to provide a place where artists, of all mediums, would have the ability to express themselves in a judgment and censorship-free environment. Additionally, we keep our commission rate low, allowing our artists the opportunity to offer pricing levels on their artwork that is mutually sustainable for both themselves and their collectors. The work presented and available at Art of Angels can not be easily found in any other gallery or event. Our featured artists gain the exposure and opportunity to sell their work to collectors of all levels and backgrounds.

Art of Angels presents bi-monthly, juried, art exhibits so the artwork and themes remain fresh and exciting to our clientele. Moreover, the opening nights for each new exhibit, as well as our various events, are filled with an abundance of artistic and adult entertainment that celebrates erotic expression.

The Gallery is open during our normal operating hours; however, we do offer private viewings, as well as, exclusive parties. Contact us for more information and to schedule your special access or event.

Are you an artist with a unique body of work seeking a judgment and censorship-free gallery to exhibit? See our Call To Artists

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Spicy: An Erotic Art Exhibit

Dates : Opens Friday March 18th 2022
  • Robbie De Zago
  • M'ria Swire

The Spicy Exhibit is a general themes erotic art showcase featuring a wide array of artwork and mediums. This exhibit is dedicated to the creative expression of matters that society often and unjustly regards as indecent.

Temptation: Craving the Forbidden

Dates : Opens Friday November 12th 2021
  • Robbie De Zago
  • M'ria Swire

The Temptation Exhibit is a general themes erotic art showcase featuring a wide array of artwork and mediums.

OPEN! An Exhibition of Fetish

Dates : Opens Friday, June 25th, 2021
  • Robbie De Zago
  • Sheba Queen Of The Night
  • Jose Gomez
  • M'ria Swire

The OPEN! Exhibit will be an exploration of fetish. This is an enormously broad topic of interest across all facets of society and, we are seeking all areas of creativity and eroticism.

WORSHIP: The Ascension of Adoration

Dates : Opens Friday, April 9th, 2021
  • Robbie De Zago
  • Kale Roberts
  • Belicia Adams
  • Jennifer Ring
  • M'ria Swire

Here we peered through the keyhole into a new world to observe and expose ourselves to the expression of others and allowed the wellspring to flow forward, germinating the seed of abundance that surrounds us.

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