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02. Art and Angels

If I approached the average person on the street and proclaimed that I believe that what the girls at my club do on stage is art, I would get a myriad of responses.


Aside from the inevitable “I don’t know you”, or “uhh, get away from me”, most would probably disagree with my sentiment.


And look, I get it.


Maybe you think that’s odd too.


If your only experience consists of girls with routines that are comprised of varying speeds of twerking mixed in with a couple pole tricks while an obnoxiously loud subwoofer pummels your eardrums like a power drill with a dull bit, then I can understand where you’re coming from.


But what if I told you that what you’ve encountered was at a strip club rather than a genuine gentlemen’s club?


I believe that if I were to place those same people on the street in Angels Erotic Lounge where they are surrounded by amazing artwork and our skilled entertainers performing, the majority of their opinions would change.


I also believe there is a scientific name for this effect and a few related experiments that support my strictly observational hypothesis regarding psychological association; however, my English Professor didn’t repeatedly complain about my failure to cite for no reason, and yet here I am living the dream, Professor Keagan.


Let’s try our own experiment:


Imagine, if you will, a tiny version of yourself, standing on a tightly stretched, semi-smooth, white cloth surface. Now, visualize observing a brush in the hands of a skilled artist, smoothly gliding across that surface. Follow the line as it flows and shifts, distributing vibrant color in its wake. Watch the bristles as they sway with even the most subtle movement of the artist’s hand.


Allow yourself to float up off the surface to see there isn’t just one line, but an abundance of lines forming shapes in colors that compliment one another.


Let’s pull back even more.


The further away you get from the surface of the canvas, the clearer you see that the lines form a captivating image that can only be brought forth through the unique perspective and expression of the artist that constructed it.


The same can be done for my club.


You walk in to observe a stage set at my club. You notice the music, as your eyes begin to smoothly trace the lines of the female form. She shifts and sways in a harmonious union with the tempo. The lights cast vibrant colors as she moves, pulsating in waves that perfectly compliment the ensemble she so carefully selected for this moment. You follow her hands as she guides you on a journey of sensual erotic expression. As you look into her eyes, you can feel the warm embrace of her feminine energy taking you deeper and deeper into a state of what can only be described as the purest of creative expression.


If you haven’t had an experience like this, then allow me to formally invite you to immerse yourself in living art.

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