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01. My Introduction

If you find yourself doing a google search for reviews of Angels Erotic Lounge, you will be sure to find mention of the finest girls, tastiest hookah, and fresh-brewed kratom, peppered with the occasional comments about a “mean cross-eyed guy” at the door…

Hi, I’m Robbie, and that guy working the front door…that’s me.

I am a tall, ambiguously attractive, middle-aged man who has a condition called “wit”, and according to some of the girls here, an even worse condition they call “politically incorrect”.

(By the way, it’s ok for me to lie about my height on the internet, right?)

It wasn’t easy, but I earned my honorary seat on the front porch with the rest of the old codgers screaming “GET OFF MY LAWN.”

A lot has happened to make me this way.


About twelve years ago, I began a journey down a path very few have traveled:

I opened a gentlemen’s club.

I can sense your envy and I just want to say, I’m feeding off that energy, so keep it coming.

Jokes aside, I will admit that it isn’t all a cakewalk. Every job has its challenges, and the fact that I made it this far is a blessing…or maybe a curse…well, we’ll just put that in the “to be determined” category for now. I’ll keep you posted. Who doesn’t love a cliffhanger?

Throughout my time running Angels, I have been exposed to and have learned so many amazing things, and almost none of it is how society, or maybe even you, would imagine it.


You know that friend we all have?

The one who enthusiastically forces you to listen to their god-awful multi-level marketing pitch?

That’s me. Your friend. Robbie. On this internet thing.

(There’s that old man on the porch again. You see what I’m talking about?)

Anyways, you and me are gonna make like an eighth grade science class, and slice this specimen open so you can get a look at what’s inside.

But hey, I don’t want us to get all lonely just the two of us.

You see, there have been some amazing souls who, through what could be divine intervention (or some kind of intense hypnosis), have travelled with me on this journey and are willing to share their experiences too.

My club isn’t like the other clubs, and neither are my philosophies.

As these blog posts start to drop, and we go deeper and deeper into my life and the life of this club, I’m sure that you’ll get a taste of exactly what I mean.

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