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05. A Natural Selection

When it comes to the hiring process, most clubs do auditions. This seems to give some people with overactive imaginations the impression that auditions resemble something along the lines of “The Casting Couch”.

For those of you still clutching to your innocence, I’m not going to tell you to do a Pornhub search for more on that

As for the rest of you whose vivid imaginations are popping off images and sceneries like you’re a steamroller over bubble wrap, perhaps a cold shower might be in order.

The truth is, we just talk. And unlike other clubs, I don’t even make them dance to audition.

There are other ways to tell if a girl is gonna know how to do a stage set.

I want to know who they are. What they have to say.

I have been blessed with an impressive variety of amazing entertainers over the years. All of whom range in appearance, background, style, and experience. The one commonality between every one of them, is their ability to evoke a unique feeling within you.

Some women have this way about them, that warm feeling that just washes over you. A wave of feminine energy that’s soft and loving.

Others can be boisterous and uplifting where you feel like they’re the life of the party, where being in their presence magnetically draws you in like an addiction.

Of course, my personal favorite are the ones that give you that sweaty-palmed, butterfly fluttering, heart-pounding out of your chest like you’re a cartoon character from the olden days.

That feeling from a much earlier time in life when innocence was more familiar.

Those are just a few examples of the entertainer archetypes, and these are the types of experiences that I want those who enter my club to have.

When I interview a potential candidate, I look for certain qualities like:

How does she carry herself?
Can she carry on an engaging conversation?
Does she have a good sense of humor?
What does she want to accomplish with her time here?
What can she bring to the environment?
Why does she want to work at this club in particular?

Her level of attractiveness, while pertinent, is not the main reason I hire her, but rather a bonus.

No matter how much Angels continues to grow, I will always stay true to the standards that I look for in an entertainer.

This, to me, is the bedrock of maintaining the best quality of experience for every single one of our guests.

If you’re interested in working at Angels Erotic Lounge, feel free to stop by the club anywhere during the first couple of hours after opening. We’re open Tues.-Sun. from 7:00 PM – 3:00 AM.

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